Warehouse Automation

Develop and deploy autonomous robotic systems and fleets efficiently and safely

Test and validate your autonomy stack without damaging hardware
Out-of-the box integration lets your entire autonomy stack run in Falcon with real-time data streaming over ROS/ROS2 or other protocols.
Deploy robots and fleets in shared human-robot environments
Real-time cosimulation with multiple stakeholders and humans-in-the-loop enables safe deployment in complex working environments.
Customer site-ready results and faster deployment
Simulation in accurate, site-specific, photo-realistic environments directly translates simulation work to faster and safer real-world deployment.
Enterprise platform with flexibility of open-source tools
Falcon can integrate with most tools in your workflow: third party physics engines, MATLAB, any cloud solution, and more.
High-fidelity simulation on off-the-shelf hardware
Tune simulation fidelity to the resource requirements of your project. Falcon is photo-real but engineering friendly.
Falcon lets engineers focus on engineering, not simulation
Intuitive interface and APIs, along with modular simulation design means less time spent on simulation tool and more on development.

Use Cases + Applications

Warehouse Automation
User Need: Warehouse automation can bring operations to a halt. Customer needs to evaluate robotic fleet deployment safely, with minimal cost and disruption.

Falcon Workflow: Digital Twins of physics-accurate AMR fleet and warehouse environment are loaded into Falcon. By connecting the Warehouse Management System and the AMRs' autonomy stack to Falcon via our Peregrine API, deployment scenarios are simulated safely and without disruption to warehouse operations. With modular scenario authoring, customer is able to evaluate their required robot count and validate the Warehouse Management System and AMR fleet integration.