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Digital Twin Simulation Platform

Trusted by leading robotics, AI, and smart systems teams

Falcon is transforming the way users develop and deploy smart systems with high-fidelity, domain-tailored simulation to meet any use case.

Designed for speed, accuracy, and unparalleled accessibility.


From digital twins to synthetic data in one integrated workflow

Accelerate AI and robotics deployment with the Falcon Digital Twin Simulation Platform

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Bringing the power of FalconSim to the entire product lifecycle

FalconCloud's always expanding library of scenarios makes it easy to explore the possibilities

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Real Simulation Time
Accuracy in ML Perception
Faster Deployment

High-fidelity simulation built for any scenario and data needs

Desert Environment Example
Desert Solar Panels ExampleDrone with LIDAR example

Falcon lowers simulation hurdles so users can focus on solving challenges that matter to them.

Duality always provides onboarding and professional enablement services to all new customers.

Our multidisciplinary development team also offers additional first party support to enterprise teams.

The Falcon Product Suite consists of FalconCloud, FalconSim, and FalconEditor

FalconCloud is the core product for all pricing tiers. With FalconCloud all users

  • Access end-to-end digital twin workflows made fully available via their browser.
  • Manage and share digital twins and simulation scenarios with an online catalog.
  • Run high-fidelity FalconSim simulations and manage sessions in the cloud.
  • Generate and download synthetic data for any application.

Pro tier unlocks ability to install FalconSim on local hardware, and the option to add on FalconEditor with an additional fee.
Falcon Editor extends Epic Game's Unreal Editor for authoring and editing of digital twins and simulation scenarios.

Cloud Simulation Hours¹
10 hrs¹
Cloud Storage
50 GB
250 GB
2.5 TB
Native USD/gLTF/UAsset Format Support
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Digital Twin Catalog
Scenario Catalog
Real-time Interactive Scenario Cloud Simulation
Real-time Interactive Scenario Local Simulation²
Synthetic Data Cloud Generation
Synthetic Data Local Generation²
Digital Twin Uploading & Access Control
Digital Twin Downloading
Share Digital Twins with External Partners
Digital Twin upload and metadata editing
Pre-configured Robotic Sub-Systems and Sensor Library
Additional digital twin environments and items
Python Runtime API
Product Integrations for ROS/ROS2
Custom integration of AI models
Scenario Download & Upload
Scenario Authoring & Editing³
Digital Twin Authoring & Editing³
1 - Simulation hours are credited monthly and do not roll over
2 - Falcon local support requires installation of FalconSim simulator, minimum OS requirements for Windows & Linux as well as GPU hardware
3 - Requires additional purchase of FalconEditor (Windows & Linux). Contact Sales.

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