We are a multidisciplinary team of world-class engineers, simulation specialists, AI/ML experts and award-winning technical artists

We come from diverse industries to build a unified Digital Twin world
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Our Story

Duality was founded in the fall of 2018 with the goal of solving a complex challenge: how to accurately simulate complex environmental scenarios, and use them to gain insights via real-time responses from sensors and machines.

Founders Apurva Shah and Mike Taylor each brought a vital piece of the puzzle: Apurva, deeply rooted in the graphics world, worked on the Oscar-winning film pipeline at Pixar studios, while Mike pushed the frontier of robotics, leading Caterpillar Inc teams in building massive field robots and winning the DARPA Urban Challenge with CMU.

Together they assembled a cross-disciplinary team holding over 70 patents across robotics, simulation, and visualization — and uniquely capable of tackling this multifaceted challenge.

Our headquarters are located in San Mateo, California and our team is spread out across three continents. We are distributed in nature, but singular in our focus.

Our Values

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Focused evolution of purposeful and rewarding work that has the desired impact for our customers and communities.
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Focused evolution of purposeful and rewarding work that has the desired impact for our customers and communities.
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Mutual consideration, equity and acknowledgment; valuing our diverse voices, contributions, and experiences.
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Steadfast awareness of our own authenticity, capabilities and motivations on a personal and organizational level.
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Evolving internal comprehension and external community partnerships leading to outcomes that are greater than the sum of their parts.
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A mindful approach to prioritizing 
work, life and community; technical audacity tempered by humility 
and empathy.

Join Our Team

From R&D to product development to partnering with customers to solve high-impact ML, robotics, and automation problems, the Duality team is growing. Come join us on our journey!
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Our Support Network

We are a recipient of Epic Games’ MegaGrant, which recognizes innovative projects leveraging Unreal Engine.
We are also participants of the Autodesk residency program, which strategically aligns us to bridge the cutting-edge technologies of visual effects with the engineering tools of robotics.

Our cloud partners bring scale and security to our enterprise metaverse.
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