Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) ready to explore the desert during golden hour. An example capture from Falcon, Duality's Digital Twin simulator.

Virtual Worlds for
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Digital twin simulation for safe, predictable, and resilient smart systems

What our customers have to say

"In high volume manufacturing, the accuracy needed from these ML models exceeds 99.9%. Decreasing our error rate from 4% to 0.02%, as we saw with our pilot project, clearly showed the value of synthetic data enabled quickly with Falcon."
Steve Varga, Principal Scientist, P&G AI/ML Systems
"A robust and modular 3D simulation environment, among other tools, is critical to efficiently develop next-generation solutions and enable algorithms and systems to be rapidly designed, tested, and validated."
Jeff Radke, Engineering Director, Advanced Technology, Honeywell Aerospace
"Integrated with AWS SimSpace Weaver, Falcon-based simulations are solving extremely hard customer problems, enabling millions of interactions among multiple simulated digital twins in large spatial environments over a distributed AWS infrastructure."
Rahul Thakkar, Director and General Manager of Simulation Technologies at AWS
"The future of ROV autonomy training is in simulation. We recently built a deep sea environment in UE5 and the realism is truly stunning. This simulation sets the stage for synthetic data generation, reinforcement learning, and operator training."
Casey Sapp, CEO Blue Ring Imaging
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Safely bringing AI into the real world

Robots, including self-driving vehicles, are struggling in environments made for people. They lack adaptability, resilience, and communication paradigms to seamlessly work in the dynamic nature of our world.
Internet AI models are making leaps in generative techniques for text promting images, video, and audio. And now Embodied AI holds a similar promise for robotics.


To operate in the real world, these models must be safe and predictable. How can Embodied AI crossover into the physical world where there is simply no room for AI halucinations?


Duality's high-fidelity digital twin simulation enables our customers to test and fine-tune their models — achieving real-world results on accelerated timelines and within budget constraints.

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Digital twin simulation being leveraged by pioneering teams like DARPA, NASA-JPL, Honeywell, and P&G is coming to the web
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What can Duality's Digital Twin platform do for you?

How Will Internet AI Crossover to the Physical World?

Can advanced internet AI models be harnessed to make robots smarter and safer — making them our natural collaborators? We explore Embodied AI, and how digital twin simulation can be its bridge.

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