Powerful Digital Twin Simulation in Your Browser Window

Digital twin simulation leveraged by pioneering teams at DARPA, Honeywell, and P&G is now open to everyone.

  • Run real-time, deterministic simulation of complex real-world scenarios — in the cloud!
  • Simulate in photorealistic, physics-accurate, massive-scale, runtime-customizable environments.
  • Build modular scenarios with high-fidelity digital twins of your own systems and environments.
  • Employ Falcon’s library of configurable simulation-ready sensors and robotic subsystems.
  • Generate accurate sensor and behavior data to test and improve AI/ML system performance.
  • Collaborate with teams from around the globe with zero infrastructure hurdles. 
“In high volume manufacturing, the accuracy needed from these ML models exceeds 99.9%. Decreasing our error rate from 4% to 0.02%, as we saw with our pilot project, clearly showed the value of synthetic data enabled quickly with Falcon.”
Steve Varga, Principal Scientist, P&G AI/ML Systems
"In the past, KEF often faced a trade-off between simulating expansive environments and maintaining high fidelity. With Duality's Falcon simulator, this compromise is no longer a concern. Falcon enables us to rigorously test our autonomy algorithms in photorealistic environments an order of magnitude larger than any we’ve previously used. The evolution of these simulation tools can dramatically increase the velocity at which we validate our aerial autonomy software, and to that purpose, Duality's Falcon platform has been the best visual scene generator that we've worked with."
Fraser Kitchell, CEO, KEF Robotics
“Integrated with AWS SimSpace Weaver, Falcon-based simulations are solving extremely hard customer problems, enabling millions of interactions among multiple simulated digital twins in large spatial environments over a distributed AWS infrastructure.”
Rahul Thakkar, Director and General Manager of Simulation Technologies at AWS