What’s the Difference Between the Enterprise and Consumer Metaverses?
July 15, 2022
· Written by
Apurva Shah

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At Duality, we provide an autonomy simulator for digital twins and an enterprise metaverse for generating synthetic data at scale. We make the Unreal ecosystem accessible to machine learning, robotics and engineering teams.

The enterprise metaverse is a Fortnite but for digital twins. Presented is a perspective for developers on the challenges—and opportunities—ahead.

What you’ll learn:

  • Why the enterprise metaverse requires data permeability with the physical world.
  • Three core dynamics of setting up an enterprise metaverse experience.

 The “enterprise metaverse”—the metaverse for commercial, industrial infrastructure, and manufacturing applications—will be far removed from the social, gaming, and entertainment ecosystem that many of us regard today as the “consumer metaverse,” where entities like Fortnite and Roblox have staked an early claim.

We intuitively understand the applications for a consumer metaverse, where the core mechanics are focused on game play and socialization. But what are the applications for an enterprise metaverse, and what are they good for?

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