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Every autonomous system from UAVs to smart excavators requires a comprehensive understanding of human behavior and the environments in which they operate. The bottleneck holding back these intelligent machines' development today is the outsized challenge of gathering data for building the learning systems and validating the safe operation of these machines under diverse conditions.

The Duality platform will make it possible to generate high-quality scenario data intentionally and at scale. Autonomous systems will be a necessary part of humanity’s future. Be a part of the founding team in one of the first companies taking on these problems head-on.

We are participants in the Autodesk Technology Center's Residency program and recipients of Epic's MegaGrant.

Our team

Duality Robotics brings together world-class expertise in visual effects, game engines, engineering, and robotics to produce the most realistic synthetic images of complex environments in the robotics industry.

We are a recipient of Epic’s MegaGrant, which recognizes innovative projects leveraging Unreal Engine. We also are participants of the Autodesk residency program, which strategically aligns us to bridge the cutting-edge technologies of visual effects with the engineering tools of robotics.